Imprintable Apparel
About us

We specialize in personalizing a variety of clothingitems including: T-shirts, sweatshirts, caps, jackets, and even bags andtowels. We can screenprint up to 4-colors on shirts and sweats, and 1-color oncaps/bags/towels. Embroidery is an option when you need that multi-color logo.To check out apparel items click: www.imprintableapparel.com . We can create thatspecial logo, or use the one you have. 

Caps: Let us customize your choice of caps with yourteam’s logo or company name. Screenprinting is available in one color only on5-panel caps; embroidery is available on both 5 and 6 panel caps. There aremany styles and colors to choose from, including camouflage. Click here forselections: www.imprintableapparel.com

T-Shirts: We print on your choice of T-shirts—regular,sleeveless, tanks, long-sleeve, Henley’s, or ringer-tees. Shirts come in avariety of colors, patterns, weights, brands and sizes for screenprinting yourcustom or embroidered logo. A twelve-shirt minimum is required forscreenprinting, (note we can mix the styles to meet the minimum, however theprint must stay the same color and dimensions). For selections click here: www.imprintableapparel.com

Sweatshirts, Sweatpants:
We offer a wide variety of sweatshirts andsweatpants for customizing with your logos. For selections click here: www.imprintableapparel.com . You will find avariety of styles, colors, sizes, weights, and brands to choose from. Theminimum order is 12, (styles and colors can be mixed to reach the minimum, howeverthe print must stay the same color and dimensions).

Golf Towels / Bags:
Have a special tournament coming up? Contact us tohave golf towels printed or embroidered. Call or e-mail for pricing.